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Meritigroup is a global association of financial, accounting, legal, and IT professionals who strives for clients’ long term and comprehensive wealth solutions, to face the challenges of the globalized financial environment. Our mission is to provide shared and added value services in the highest professional manner.

We operate through the following independent subsidiaries of Meritigroup International Ltd.:

Meritigroup Ltd. (Global Family Office)
Meritibroker Ltd. (Insurance and Financial Service)
Meritipartner Ltd. (Private Market Consulting)
MG Real Capital Inc. (Real Estate Consulting)

Member of Meritiglobal Wealth Network:

Weatherford Global Direct Corp.

Global Family Office

Meritigroup Ltd., wholly owned by Meritigroup International Ltd., is a global family office who provides globalized and integrated wealth solutions through 99h1.com online service centre and offline professional network. We act as clients’ general financial officers, coordinating and managing the complexities of the family wealth, businesses and broader family affair. Through 99h1.com, we deliver wealth information services and cloud financial data management for world-wide individuals and enterprises.

Global News: We provide a broad range of essential services, including news, comment, data and analysis, to a growing audience of internationally minded readers.
Independent Opinions: With our strong expertise and world-wide partnership network, we share professional opinions on investment, financing, insurance, tax, and other money matters.
Information Security: Using multi-level security technology to assure cloud storage and data processing are secure.
Partner Assessment: By applying data mining and predictive analysis to historical data, our best-in-class partner assessment system boost the safety of client wealth management.

Our Team

Advisory Board:

Wei Min Zhu
Co-Founder and President of Meritigroup

Yi Tian
Co-Founder of Meritigroup

Michael Cadesky
Managing Partner of Cadesky Tax

Lorne Saltman
Partner of Gardiner Roberts LLP

Nancy Yang
Senior Vice President of Meritigroup

Eric Ni
Partner of CAN Partners LLP

Management Team:

Vicky Yuan
Managing Director

Jane Zhou
Managing Director

Sean Du
Managing Director

Lance Li
Chief Information Officer

Aaron Lu
Vice President

Tina Tang
Vice President

Gloria Sun
Vice President

Contact Us

Address: 7100 Woodbine Ave.,
Suite 218, Markham, ON
4720 Kingsway,
Suite 2308, Burnaby, BC
Tel: +1 888 622 0110
+1 905 932 6880
Email: info@meritigroup.com
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