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  • Wei Min Zhu
    Meritigroup: President and Founder, MBA, CFP, FMA, CIM, FCSI, MDRT TOT
  • Yi Tian
    Meritigroup: CEO and Founder, MA, MDRT
  • Nancy Yang
    Meritigroup: Senior Vice President, MA, CPA CGA (Canada), CPA (China)
  • Sean Du
    Meritigroup: Executive Vice President
  • Rio Zheng
    Meritiglobal Limited: Managing Director
  • Jane Zhou
    Meritiwealth Inc.: Managing Director, MA
  • Kevin Guo
    Meritipro Inc.: General Manager, CPA CGA (Canada)
  • Andy Yu
    Meriti Pro Inc.: Managing Director, MA, CPA CGA (Canada)
  • Legal Counsel
  • Lorne Saltman
    Partner of Gardiner Roberts LLP, JD
  • Judith Wilkin
    Partner of Fogler Rubinoff LLP, LLB, LLM