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Meritiwealth Inc. (Canada) and Meritiwealth Limited (Hong Kong), are independent insurance advisory firms who offer a wide range of life and health insurance and wealth management products for individuals, families, and business owners. We want our clients to achieve the peace of mind that comes with a lifetime of financial security.

Long Term Wealth Planning:

Permanent life insurance is the traditional way to pass on wealth to the next generation. However, ever-increasing financial regulation means it is important to plan carefully for the future. The right solution ensures our clients’ loved ones will receive their intended inheritance in the most efficient way. We structure flexible and effective wealth plans tailored around individuals and their families.

Globalized Lifestyles:

More and more people live, work and retire in different countries, with family, businesses, real estate and assets spread around the globe. Complying with the ever-changing regulatory environment in each country can become a serious challenge. Our globalized network and deep technical knowledge means that we can manage issues that arise in different countries, helping clients to benefit from the long-term advantages of their global lifestyles.

Diversified Portfolios:

Increasingly, wealth is invested in more than just traditional asset classes. Participating life insurance and universal life insurance are important and extremely valuable aspects of a well-diversified portfolio. We understand how to value traditional and non-traditional assets and how to integrate them into our solutions. This means clients have a clearer overview of their wider portfolio, and the family stands to reap greater rewards in the future.